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Slovenia and Australia have Working Holiday from 1 January 2016 on

From 1 January 2016 on there will be each year 200 places available under Working Holiday scheme allowing young citizens from Australia to stay in Slovenia for up to 12 months and same for Slovenians in Australia. Applications must be made through the Slovenian Embassy in Canberra or Australian Embassy in Berlin. More information is available in the link.

To be eligible you must:

- be at least eighteen but have not turned thirty one at the time of application for a visa;

-  not be accompanied by dependent children;

- hold a valid passport and an onward travel ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket;

- possess sufficient funds for personal support for a stay;

- meet health and security/character requirements;

- have not previously taken part ‘Work and Holiday’ or ‘Working Holiday’ program;

- in the case of Slovenian nationals, hold tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two years of undergraduate university study. In the case of Australian nationals hold secondary school qualifications;

- in the case of Slovenian nationals, prove functional English; and

- provide a letter from the relevant government ministry which includes a statement to the effect that it has consented to their stay.

During this period holders of a ‘Work and Holiday’ visa are allowed to leave and re-enter the territory of the Party using the same visa. ‘Work and Holiday’ visa holders must not engage in employment that is contrary to the purpose of the ‘Work and Holiday’ arrangement. It is not intended that ‘Work and Holiday’ visa holders work for the full twelve calendar months of their visit. In particular, visa holders must have regard to the principal purpose of the stay under the arrangement which is a holiday, with work being incidental to the holiday and not be employed by any one employer for more than six months, unless permission has been granted. ‘Work and Holiday’ visa holders will not be permitted to engage in study or training for more than four months during their stay.