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Children's rights - Our rights. Slovenia at the Multicultural Festival in Canberra

The Embassy of Slovenia presented the project "Our Rights" at the Multicultural Festival on 18 February 2017 in Canberra.

It is essential to enable young people, particularly children who are still developing their identities, to learn about human rights, i.e. their rights and how to respect the rights of others. Human rights education and training is a lifelong process. If effective, it can prevent human rights violations by promoting a culture of peace, non-discrimination, and tolerance anchored in respect for universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. This is what the project seeks to achieve.

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We kindly thank every individual and every company that supported this project:

- Natura Homes
- Intelligent Energy Solutions
- Pristine Finance
- MK Design Studio
- Canberra Magic Kitchen
- Emiljana Sega Refashionista
- FCF Fire and Electrical
- Yarralumla Gallery
- Metka Kosec
- Nina Kosec
- Mara Vlasic
- Mateja Koštrica
- Katja Marvin


A family photo to open the EU Village including guest ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Rachel Stephen-Smith and among other EU Ambassadors and Diplomats also the Ambassador of the Repubilc of Slovenia, H.E. Ms Helena Drnovšek Zorko.


Deputy Head of Mission of the EU Delegation in AU, Mr Bruno Scholl and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia, H.E. Ms Helena Drnovšek Zorko / Ambassador and the Deputy Head of Mission, Mrs Jana Grilc.

The Ambassador of Croatia / The Ambassador of Cyprus

The Ambassador of Hungary / The Ambassador of Austria

Croatian Consul General from Sydney