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In Slovenia, beekeeping is a way of life. The country is home to the indigenous Carniolan grey bee - the second most widespread bee breed in the world, which contributes to the production of honey on all continents. Slovenia initiated proceedings for a declaration of the World Bee Day in the light of the promotion of food security and biodiversity within the UN General Assembly.

Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture started to introduce Honey Breakfast into Slovenian schools quite some years ago when the Slovenian beekeepers offered their honey for breakfast to kindergarten and school children for the first time. In the context of this annual education and promotion action various presentations and workshops are organised to bring the importance of bees for our food supply closer to children, with emphasis on maintaining clean and healthy environment and rural areas. The focus is also on raising awareness of other target audiences about the role of breakfast as an important daily meal for healthy lifestyle.


Slovenian beekeeeping

Slovenian Beekeeping initiative for The European Honey Breakfas and World Bee Day


Activities in Australia

 Beehives launch by the Chief Minister Andrew Barr at the Embassy of Slovenia